Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dark Ladys Chosen

I do like Gail Z. Martin, I really do. Although her books may be a little too predictable, I find them fresh, not overly complex and highly gripping and enjoyable to read. Her last book, the Dark Ladys Chosen is all of these things and anybody who likes a good Fantasy read will love her work.
Monday will see me finally begin reading Brent Weeks new book the Black Prism. Looking forward to it, just a shame its so damn massive, getting it out of my bag on the tube is sure to annoy some people. Oh well.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chronicles of the Necromancer

Im absolutely loving Gail Z. Martins Summoner series at the moment. Im re-reading the third book in the series as the fourth has just been released.
I was frustrated with it the first time around as the book ended and left its readers hanging for a year unttill she wrote the conclusion. I hate that. I prefer to wait until they're all written before I buy a book especially when there is not even an end to a subplot. Complaint over, Gail Z. Martin is a master story teller and is somebody who probably grew up loving Halloween as she captures the dark winter feel of spirits and ghosts perfectly. The main characters are highly likeable, even the women in it are no mere damsels in distress and are quite willing to pick up a sword and fight having been trained from childhood for war. The vampire characters are very likable and give you that real goosebump feel thanks to her brilliant descriptions. Much better than the first two in the series, the third is excellent and I cannot wait to get stuck into the fourth book, Dark Lady's Chosen.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Top Ten

Since finishing Joe Abercrombies Best Served Cold, I can officially say that he is now in my top ten list.
For those of you that care, here they are.

Trudi Canavan
J K Rowling
Robin Hobb
Raymond E. Feist
Brent Weeks
Simon Scarrow
Joe Abercrombie
Eoin Colfer
Stuart Hill
Gail Z. Martin