Monday, July 26, 2010


Its been a tough few weeks, building servers, writing, reading and playing C&C3. Got it for a fiver, serious value for money, bang.
Ah, its sad times when you wake up constantly feeling tiered. A week off this year for a holiday just wasnt enough. Lets hope I get my book finished by the end of the year and maybe, just maybe get lucky for once and actualy manage to get published and get out of a lifeless job.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Games in Development

Just wanted to mention some of the games Im most excited about at the moment.
Shogun Total War 2 is being created as I type. The original was the first and best for me. I still play it now, maybe its something about Japan's history which I love that draws me to the game.
Kane and Lynch 2 is another game Im excited about. Okay, the original got slated because of all the bugs, but once they were sorted, a raw and brutal game was found waiting for me.
The final one I want to mention is Starwars Force Unleashed 2. I loved the original, dont care what you say, I thought it was great and left me with a mass hunger for all things starwars, until the wife gave me a slap and told me to get back to work. Anything else I should mention?
Im playing Uncharted 2 onthe PS3 at the mo and Left 4 Dead 2 on pc. Both excellent games and I highly recomend them. Ignore them at your own peril.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Left 4 Dead 2

I am now playing Left 4 Dead 2 and what a classic piece of gaming it is.
If you like online gaming, shooters and zombies, check it out.

Ambassadors Mission

Just completed reading Trudi Canavans latest. Considering its the sequel trilogy to my favourite ever fantasy series, The Black Magician Trilogy you can imagine how eager I was to get started.
Well, I needed to finish Blake Charltons excellent debut novel Spellwright, which by the way does not dissapoint. Excellent excellent read, great characters, cool story and the most unique magical system since Harry Potter. Anyway, finished that then had to finish Simon Scarrows rather brilliant Eagle in the Sand. Is there anybody harder than Centurion Macro? I dont think so. Well, finally got to read it, and I have to say, although not as good as the original, its still an excellent read. Most of our favourite characters are back, some more than others but they are all in there, just a bit older. I found it a little too slow and some of the characters Trudi has concentrated on are not my favourites. I always had a soft spot for good old Rothen but hes hardly in it. Without giving much of the plot away, Sonea now has a son who is all grown up. the book is based 20 years after the finale of the first series. He goes to Sachaka and you can guess the rest. If you love Trudis work, then like me you will love this. If you dont know her work, then you do not know what you are missing.