Friday, September 3, 2010

Are reviewers right?

Im having a hard time agreeing with reviewers at the moment. I have just completed the Kane and Lynch 2 campaign on PC and found it to be an utterly brutal, gritty and raw shooter yet from the reviews I have read, this is meant to be an unplayable hash of a game. Yes there are a few bugs but put them aside and you have one of the most unique looking shooters around. I dont know what reviewers are looking for in a shooter, maybe they want everything to play like COD or some other personal favourite of theirs but Im tired of constant FPS and War releases. I like 3rd person and over the shoulder shooters. I like top down shooters and I like first person shooters. They dont all need to be made the same.
This was a fresh idea based in the slums and the high rises of Shanghai and I loved it.
I am also playing Mafia 2 on the PS3, another game that has been given a hard time by reviewers. Graphically it is stunning, the environments atmospheric and Im enjoying it hugely.
Its been a long time since I woke up in the morning thinking about a game I played the night before yet Mafia 2 had me thinking in the morning, wanting to pull a sicky so that I could spend the day sat in front of the tv with a huge back of twiglets and a Dr Pepper doing nothing else but playing the game.
The playability of the game is great, so once again, what do they want? A GTA clone? Its very story driven as is GTA, but maybe not as free playing. Im not a great GTA fan, completed GTA 3 and got bored with the rest. We are not all the same, everybody has unique tastes so always remember, read plenty of reviews as 1 review is just 1 mans opinion, nothing more.

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