Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recent Reads

Oh but there are so many to write about and so I must summarise as best as I can.
I am currently reading the rather slow but brilliant Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin. Not my idea of a great fantasy but still an epic fantasy adventure to many. Instead, I find myself drawn more to the childrens author Curtis Jobling, creator of Bob the Builder and now the writer of the fantastic Wereworld series. Brutal and savage, how this is classed as a kids book I have no idea, nevetheless, two have been published so far and both kept me hooked from the start. Another series I have recently completed was the Darren Shan series. A fantastic journey for the young half vampire and his supporting cast, this is definately once again, not for the too young a reader. Some nasty bits in it and also some very emotional scenes.
And to wrap up with for now, the great and magnificent Trudi Canavan has graced us with another series. The third and final one in the new Traitor Spy series will hopefully be appearing next year. The story is a continuation from the amazing Black Magician Trilogy, years later Sonia has a son and so the adventure continues through him. I have only read the first book, deciding to leave the second until the third book is written as I hate waiting between reads. I was also lucky enough to meet my favourite author earlier this year when she was here in the UK promoting the second book. She's a true legend and an inspiration to all.
Thats all for now folks, will try and write more often, between work, playing and writing my own books, poor little bloggy seems to get left behind.

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