Monday, November 29, 2010


I am struggling, yes its true. With what you may ask. Well, theres a couple of things really. First, its this book Im reading. The Black Prism by the fantastic Brent Weeks. Have you ever read a book that you know should be good but struggle to picture the world described in the book in your mind? Well thats me, but add to that the struggle of visualising the magic system he has created which is based on colours and youre left with a feeling of dread every time you go to pick up the book. Its superbly written and Im reaching the half way point now so there is still hope.
My other woes involve a pc that has finally keeled over. I have managed to get it running on older spare parts until I build my new rig. My finally upset is the book I have been writing the last two years. I am now re-writing it, using everything I have learned and experienced about writing and hope to create something far more me. Darker, gritty and a lot nastier.

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