Friday, December 10, 2010

The Black Prism

Brent Weeks, author of the brilliant Night Angel trilogy brings you the Black Prism, a story about a man who is known as the Prism because he can harness all the colours of the world and use it as magic. There are others who can use certain colours to perform magical feats, some who can use multiple colours. Sounds interesting but I actually found this a little dull. Add that to the fact that it took me reading over a quarter of the book before I got my head around the system. Anyway, the story was good, the characters are okay but I found myself far more intersted in some of the more minor characters than the main ones.
The world was difficult to visualize and maybe my mental magical world dictionary is not vast enough to understand all the words he used to describe things such as luxin and chromeria. I was suprised when I read reviews by some saying they really tried but simply could not get into this book until I began reading it myself. Its the second time this has happened where I expected an authors new work to match the brilliance of their original work. It was an enjoyable enough read all the way through and I am looking forward to the next one, but let this be a warning, just because you liked the Night Angel Trilogy, it doesnt mean you will like this.

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