Thursday, July 21, 2011

Im back

Yes Im back, been a long time and so much has happened since I last spoke to you all. Im still not smoking, still have NOT built my new pc and Ive read some great books and played some amazing games in the seven months since I last blogged. Yes,its been seven months. Things of note to mention, erm...I won a new i5 sandybridge CPU so the pc is finally going to go ahead. Will blog the specs as soon as I order it on the twelfth month of success.
Games Im playing, Battlefield 2, just completed the campaign and in my honest opinion it pisses all over COD. It feels a lot longer too. Got the Vietnam expansion to get through next.
Playing Alien Breed by Team 17 as well. Finding it a little repetetive at the moment and am seriously losing interest which is a shame. I just wish I wasnt getting lost in the endless maze of corridors. I downloaded a ton of stuff in the Steam sale.
Resident Evil 5, havent played a resi since number 2 as theyve all gone arcadey which is nothing like the brilliant original. Anyway, this one is okay, nothing great.
Now, Im off to have my dinner so will add a few more details later.

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