Monday, December 13, 2010

Dragon Age

I've been getting well into Dragon Age on the PC lately. Its fantastic. Got stuck on a section so was forced to go online and look for a walkthrough. I hate resorting to walkthroughs but I had no choice. Despite the fact that I have been playing this for about a month, I found Im not even 15% into the game. Its huge. This is what I call value for money. Too many developers seem to feel that 6 hours of play time is enough for ones £40 these days. Chuck in some online play and its justified. Well, its not as not everybody wants to play online.
Anyway, Im going off track. If you want a massive adventure game with magic and swords, get this. Once this is done with, I think Ill give Mass Effect 2 a go.
My character is a lesbian mage by the way.

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